Secure Remote Access

Organizations need their employees, customers, guests, Partners to access the enterprise network in order to efficiently support business and mission-critical functions. They need to access from anywhere, using any device at any time to the resources at corporate network.

In order to provide access there must be a controlled balance of network access and security with multiple levels of access and role based access.

We offer Remote access solution through our relationship with Top vendors in the industry. Remote access provides clientless, web-based access to remote users with the assurance of SSL encrypted security without the complexity of pre-installed IPSec client software over endpoints. With its ability to create an encrypted SSL tunnel through firewalls, SSL VPN overcomes firewall blocks when users work behind a customer or partner firewall. Users can access the corporate network from a range of devices: laptops, desktops, PDAs, smart phones and more, functioning with Any Time, Anywhere, Any Device access.

Our Solution Offering: